Brook Lynn Dorcent
2 min readJan 19, 2021


You don’t know me,

for if you did, you wouldn’t try to control me.

You wouldn’t try to put these chains on my wrists and feet.

I almost feel sorry for you,

You don’t know, that I can’t be contained.

You don’t know my spirit, you hear it, it’s speaking loudly.

But over your selfish gain, you can’t hear it, you speak too proudly.

Thinking you’ve changed my name, for your personal gain.

No, my name is not what you say it is, you can’t define my character.

You can’t tell me where to sit, the front or the back of the bus.

No, that’s just rust, decay, and disgust.

I can’t be controlled, in fact, you don’t have the power to unfold.

Yes, you try to mold, to beat me into the dust.

You can’t have my soul, so you destroy my body, with rape before I’m five years old.

But I continue to lift my eyes to the hills and I ain’t takin no more pills…

Although my body is broken, it’s okay, because it’s merely just a token.

The essence of who I am doesn’t come from you.

Deep down you know. You see it when you look into my eyes.

The light that lingers, angers you and your pride.

My rebellious actions prove that I’ll never subside.

You can’t win!

The fact that you’re trying to break my spirit it is truly a sin.

You try and you fail.

And it’s sad because it’s you that’s really living in hell.

For what I have never came from you.

No, I won’t be your slave.

I can’t continue to be sex trafficked.

You can’t continue to beat me.

You can’t continue to call me dumb, stupid and worthless.

You can’t continue to cheat on me.

You can’t continue to offer me swine for my pearls.

No, my soul, it has not come from your world.

See, Maya said it perfectly, I’ll rise!

I’ll never live under your disguise.

And when I’m walking away, you will look at my back and ask why can’t I stay.

The answer is quite simple my friend, get a pen and write it down, I don’t want you to miss it.

See, FREE WILL is in my spiritual DNA.



Brook Lynn Dorcent

Brook Lynn is a novelist and lover of story creation. A firm believer that authentic connection comes alive when we share our stories. She is driven to write.