Smooth. Cool. Sexy.

Brook Lynn Dorcent
5 min readDec 6, 2020

The wedding was beautiful. Monica had a difficult time focusing on it, however. Chase’s kiss distracted her all night. And now sitting at the reception, she looked over at the bride and groom dancing. Chase extended his hand. “Dance with me.” He did not seem interested in the new age music. But this beat, he liked. He said, “Let’s see that Latin blood at work.”

Placing her hand in his, she joked, “You want a piece of me?”

“I’m not into pieces,” he said, leading her to the dance floor, “I’m an all or none kinda guy.”

The music was definitely from her roots and she remembered her aunt taught her well.

Chase spun her out and snapped her back place. “Give me all you got, Monica.”

Shocked, she smiled, realizing he knew how to Salsa very well. His dance came from hips and moving like water, he fascinated her.

Smooth. Cool. Sexy. The more time in his presence, the more Chase intrigued. And apparently so were the wedding guests. A circle formed around them giving up encouraging cheers. She wanted to join them, absorb his charm and indulge in his delicious sexy flare.

Fan fare meant little to Chase. The music controlled him, demanding Monica’s concentration to match his every step.

Their dance ended with her holding tightly onto him, and one of her legs wrapped around his. Their chests beat wildly into the other while staring into one another’s eyes. If not for the slap on his back from the groom, Chase would have kissed her while rebuking the urge to carry her up to the hotel suite.

“If I knew y’all could dance like that, you could have given my bride and me lessons.”

Monica lowered her leg and stepped back with Chase clearing his throat and turning his attention toward the newlyweds. He introduced her, “This is Monica.” She shook their hands. “Nice to meet you. Your wedding was incredible.” She gazed at the glistening chandeliers.

The bride smiled. “Thank you, and thank you for coming. Chase renovated our new home. He does beautiful work. We’re so glad he could be with us today. He’s a big part of our lives.”

Monica smiled. She hadn’t felt this happy and carefree in a long time. “Congratulations.”

They walked off and Chase asked Monica, “Thirsty?”


Brook Lynn Dorcent

Brook Lynn is a novelist and lover of story creation. A firm believer that authentic connection comes alive when we share our stories. She is driven to write.